Why the weird name AVATAVA?

The Palindrome Family- not the Griswalds

Meet the Palindrome Family- Pup, Pop, Mom, Sis, and Tot.

AVATAVA is a (misspelled) Finnish word which happens to also be a palindrome - it reads the same forward and back-- and even looks the same in a mirror when spelled in capital letters (and we're not sure what that is called). In the Finnish language, "AVATTAVA" means "to be open" (we took out the second "T", so technically AVATAVA is an Estonian word- with an entirely different meaning (flatbed?)).

"To be Open" aptly describes our philosophy about technology and business. 

We formed AVATAVA to offer the world's most advanced hosting platforms and technology solutions to individuals and businesses worldwide. Tracing our roots as part of the im1 web hosting family, we have years of experience providing advanced solutions used by companies worldwide with Internet services (and customers) dating back to 1994.