Get Business Class VoIP

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  1. No long term contracts
  2. Affordable monthly pricing
  3. Includes US and Canada local and long distance
  4. Detailed reporting

A hosted VoIP PBX solution is reliable and cost efficient. Seamless upgrades and changes help you expand your business without delay. Your Hosted business PBX provides measurable savings, improved reliability and convenience, while increasing your mobility options.

Explore Hosted VoIP PBX Further

A hosted VoIP system offered by AVATAVA handles many  tasks  freeing you and your employees to focus on productive activities while reducing your overhead.

Your hosted VoIP PBX helps you:

  • Streamline your work process and stay ahead of the technology curve
  • save money when relinquish use of obsolete, power hogging equipment
  • Work with less expensive Business DSL instead of dedicated T-1s.
  • Get high quality voice with our QoS  scheduling
  • Stay open with 24x7x365 customer support

A hosted PBX VoIP solution  give you these  advantages:

  • No service interruptions due to equipment failures-- our redundant systems handle it all in the background.
  • Pay only for the resources you actually use-- you can burst into additional resource the moment your needs demand 
  • Connect all your offices together as a unified system without the need for capital outlays-- simply add the phones.

Start your Hosted VoIP PBX service by calling AVATAVA at +1-888-551-6879 or +1-772-324-3140 International or request a free Hosted PBX consulation.