Transfer your domain to AVATAVA

Transfer ArrowYou can transfer any domain that you own to's services and OpenSRS (Open Shared Registration System).

When the transfer is completed, you will no longer have to pay your current registrar for your domain registration. The registrar fee for transferring your domain to AVATAVA is $15.00 for most domains. The transfer automatically adds an additional year to your current registration

Start your Domain Name Transfer

Domain Name Transfer

Note: Your domain must not currently be under Registrar-Lock, expired, or contested, and must be more than sixty days old to be eligible for Registrar transfer.

Transferred Domains Include:

  • Automatic extension of your current registration by one year
  • Work with AVATAVA Directly- no third parties to deal with
  • Free contact privacy (most domains/TLDs charge extra for this)
  • Free easy-to-use domain manager
  • Free easy to use DNS.

What is a domain transfer?

When you transfer a domain name from your current registrar, we will move your domain name from its current home and add an additional year to that domain, you will get to keep all of the existing time left on your domain registration.  So if your domain currently expires on June 25, 2014, after your transfer to AVATAVA, it will expire on June 25, 2015. If you have any other questions about domain transfers, please feel free to contact us.

About our Domain Name Services and Pricing

AVATAVA offers domain registrations via Our relationship with Tucows and OpenSRS registry dates back to their very beginning in 1999. As a result of this long standing relationship, we are confident you will be pleased with both our and Tucows' performance for your domains.

There are companies which appear to offer lower cost registrations, but frankly, the difference between $9.95 and $15.00 registrations works out to less than 2 pennies per day- and don't forget to read the fine print- the other guys often nickel-and-dime you with additional fees for features we include by default.  Most people would agree a domain name registration service is worth a couple pennies a day to get toll-free, personal support, and the benefit of dealing with one point of contact.