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Advanced ACD

Different callers on the switchAutomatic Call Distribution routes incoming calls to a specific calling group of phones used by support or sales agents.

Advanced ACD gives you lots of options on how to distribute calls based on groups you create and choose.

Advanced ACD methods include:

  • Round-Robin
  • Most Time Idle
  • Weighted Call Time
  • Skills-Based Rotation
  • Simultaneous Ringings

Call Queues or Voice Mail?

People on Queue

Rather than dropping callers into voice mail during peak call times, Call Queuing places the calls in a holding sequence for the next available agent in the queue. During the queue time, your callers can hear your customizable On Hold Messages which you can easily upload to the system using the web interface. Queues can be configured based on variety of factors such as time on phone or group and you can optionally inform your callers of their queue position.

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